July 1,2012

Three districts of the State of Jalisco have held the elections of the Federal Republic of Mexico using the electronic ballot box.


A survey conducted by the company “Votia. Sistemi Informativi” in the city of Gómez Farías and in the electoral constituencies 1 an 17 of Jalisco, to assess the citizens’ opinion on the electronic voting system, gave the following results:

  • 90% of interviewees said it is easier to vote with an electronic ballot box if compared to the traditional system

  • 91% of interviewees believed that there are no flaws in the new voting system

The body responsible for eVoting in the State of Jalisco is the Instituto Electoral y de Participación Ciudadana del Estado de Jalisco – IECP Jalisco (


Tutorial to train Jalisco State officers on how to use the electronic ballot box.

Tutorial to train returning officers for the July 1st, 2012 elections in Mexico.



The Salento eVoting project stems from the cooperation with the eGovernment Laboratory (Laboratorio di eGovernment -LEG ) of the University of Salento and IEPC - Jalisco.

It focuses on the first-time experimentation in Italy of an electronic voting system based on the Mexican model, in two municipalities of the Salento Peninsula (Apulia, Italy).

The Italian Constitution contains the principles with regards to voting, hence Italy could be the country where the eVoting experimentation, using the Mexican electronic ballot box, could take place.

The project is due to take place in 2013, after receiving the clearance from the Interior Ministry and the Prefecture of Lecce, in two municipalities in Salento (Apulia,Italy), in cooperation with the Instituto Electoral y de Participación Ciudadana del Estado de Jalisco. The technological support is ensured by Clio S.p.A., the current provider for the public connectivity system in Apulia, which has already endorsed the project.

This would become the first example in the world of technology and organizational know-how from a nation that has already successfully tested the eVoting system, under a legal framework, to another nation.

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